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Custom Brokerage

As quickly as the regulations regarding shipments are changing, so is the way people are doing business. It is clear that transactions regarding shipments and customs clearance procedures are being migrated online. Customs brokerage firms are constantly researching and developing their internal infrastructure

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In a perfect supply chain, warehouses would have no place. As yet though, the perfect supply chain doesn’t exist, so warehousing is essential to maintain an efficient, uninterrupted flow of materials and goods from source to point-of-use.

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Cargo Express

Express Cargo as a product is the fastest way of transporting all your valuable cargo in the quickest possible time, We let your goods move at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain under the surveillance of our expert team.

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Ocean Freight

In ocean freight shipping, goods are packed in shipping containers and the freight forwarder books container or space with the shipping agent. Shipment moves to the port and passes through customs at the point of origin. Goods are loaded into full containers or shared containers depending on the volume and put on the cargo ship for transportation.

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Our professionals will provide the solutions you need. We provide our clients with a wide range of services including physical inventory counts, quality control and inspection of goods, returns processing, promotional pricing, custom inventory reports, and more.

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Air Freight

Air freight can be more expensive than other modes of transportation. When considering the cost of a modal shift to air cargo, keep in mind that your freight costs are only one component of the equation. There are times when other benefits within your supply chain may offset the possibility of higher freight costs.

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